Scottish BS and Mortgage Brain launch affordability calculator

Jake Carter

November 16, 2021

proptech platform

Scottish Building Society and Mortgage Brain have collaborated on the launch of an affordability calculator.

The calculator is available on the Scottish Building Society website for intermediaries to use.

If the intermediary opts to not input details into the expenditure fields in the calculator, then the lender will automatically assess the case based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Scottish Building Society has also been added to Affordability Brain, Mortgage Brain’s affordability-based sourcing solution, and Criteria Brain, which allows intermediaries to source products for their clients based on the criteria of their case.

Stephen Brown, head of intermediaries at Scottish Building Society, said: “We are delighted with the results of our collaboration with Mortgage Brain on this project.

“Affordability is always a key consideration in any mortgage case, and we know that intermediaries want to provide their clients with a swift indication of what they may be able to borrow.

“Our new affordability calculator makes it easier for them to do just that.”

Neil Wyatt, sales and marketing director at Mortgage Brain, added: “As experts in mortgage technology, we are always keen to work with colleagues in the industry on developing the tools and processes that can make a tangible difference to the productivity and workloads of intermediaries, and ensure that the placing of cases is much smoother and straightforward.”

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