Scottish Provident paid out £94m in CI claims

Nia Williams

March 4, 2013

The report revealed that Scottish Provident paid out 93% of all critical illness claims with just 2% of claims declined for non-disclosure.

The average pay out was £88,975 and the largest claim was for £1m. The insurer paid out nearly £57m for cancer claims which remained the top reason for making a critical illness claim and accounted for 60% of all claims.

Of the 31 different types of cancers claimed for, a third of all cancer claims were for breast cancer.

Jennifer Gilchrist, senior product development manager, Scottish Provident, said: “As the most common cancer in the UK it comes as no surprise that breast cancer accounts for a third of our cancer claims.

“On the positive side improved treatment and early diagnosis means that survival rates for this type of cancer are set to increase by as much as 28% by 2030.

“We are proud that our products provide valuable financial support when it’s needed most for our policyholders.

“But too many families fail to appreciate just how much a serious illness can impact on their finances and don’t take out protection cover that would give them financial security and peace of mind.

“We need to continue to work hard to promote the value and benefit of protection and turn it into a must have purchase just like car and travel insurance.”

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