Scottish sellers concerned that home reports will undervalue their properties

Ryan Bembridge

August 4, 2017

Scottish sellers are concerned that home reports could undervalue their properties, research from HomeReportScotland shows.

Nearly a third (30%) saw the potential for their property to be undervalued as their biggest concern.

In Scotland most sellers putting a property on the market need to provide a home report for potential buyers.

Jim Gibson, managing director at Harvey Donaldson & Gibson, said: “For buyers, the advantages are obvious in that you get one report which shows you the condition of the property.

“And if you’re selling your house, the home report is a good opportunity to showcase the selling points of your home, and ensure that buyers won’t be dissuaded by unforeseen problems that arise during the sale process.

“If you’ve maintained the property and kept it in good condition then the report will reflect this and give assurances to people thinking of putting in an offer. It could also show things that, with a little work, could add value to your property, too.”

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