Scottish Widows Bank launches online portal

Michael Lloyd

January 7, 2019

Scottish Widows Bank has launched an online portal for brokers, SWB Click, available to all Scottish Widows Bank clients.

In response to feedback from brokers, it offers case tracking, a shortened application forproduct transfers, online registrations and re-registrations for new and existing brokers and broker assistants and the ability to upload documents as soon as the application is submitted.

SWB Click is available for online illustrations, Decisions in Principle and full applications for home purchases, remortgages and further advances.

Gary McGregor, head of Scottish Widows Bank, said: “We’re always looking for ways to develop new technology to improve our service and to make it easier for brokers to work with us.

“The pilot of SWB Click has been a great success, and we’re now excited to make the service available more widely.

“The technology will give brokers a quick and easy-to-use system that builds on our great service.”

Lawrence Robbin, mortgage broker at A Mortgage Now, added: “Scottish Widows Bank has moved straight to the top of the charts with its new online mortgage service. SWB Click is clear, intuitive and quick.”

Orlagh McMullan, account executive, Financial Therapeutics, said: “The tracking feature and simplified product transfer process is saving lots of time for us and our clients.”

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