Scottish Widows launches ad campaign

Amanda Jarvis

February 8, 2006

The ads will appear in the consumer press, on outdoor posters and online as a precursor to a TV campaign later in the year.

Mike Hoban, Customer & Brand Marketing Director commented : “The ads contain a set of thought-provoking messages which will get consumers thinking about some of the real issues they face in their lives – for example the kids leaving the family home – and how planning their finances can help make life easier.

“The ads are the first step on a journey which will see us communicate in new ways with our customers – we’re looking to create a future which is less about complex, opaque products and more about simple, easy to understand information presented in a way which our customers want – making us more accessible to customers and breaking down some of the barriers which have existed between financial services providers and consumers in the past.

“Many consumers don’t know where to start when it comes to preparing for their financial futures and there’s a major opportunity for financial providers and financial advisers to support them become fully prepared.”

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