SearchFlow welcomes government response to OFT

Amanda Jarvis

January 4, 2006

The market study undertaken throughout 2005 made recommendations that reflect the need for changes to the supply of information into the property search market in the light of the introduction of the HIP.

Mark Riddick, SearchFlow’s Chief Executive commented, “We welcome this positive response and look forward to working with Government to level the playing field in this market. If implemented, these recommendations will stimulate greater competition. The end result should be increased choice for
customers and businesses like SearchFlow, which are already built on service quality and value, will thrive in a more open market. The OFT has sent out a clear message that the cost of searches to the consumer should be no more but no less than the cost to the local authorities of providing this service. We note that the government is taking steps to bring this about.
Transparency, clarity and consistency over pricing are a key part of any properly functioning market and we hope that the government will carry through its work in this area well before HIPS come into law in the summer of 2007.”

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