Second charge brokers in Twitter podcast spat

Ryan Bembridge

August 23, 2018

Another Twitter spat has erupted between second charge brokers after ‘The LM Experience’, a joint collaboration podcast between London Money director Martin Stewart and Stuart Gregory, director of Lentune Mortgage Consultancy, touted a ‘Debate to the Death’ that would “end with a cuddle/handshake”.

Numerous second charge brokers have had testy exchanges on the social platform on subjects like second charge master broker fees. The second charge mortgage market is estimated to be worth £1bn per year out of a total mortgage market size of circa £380bn.

Gregory, tweeting from the LM Experience account, said: “Just to clarify the LM Experience Podcast is a joint collaboration between myself and Martin [Stewart] – i.e. two separate individuals making this happen to give people a platform.

“It’s about debate – just for clarity, we jointly fund it and it’s not a vehicle for one company. It’s not a bear pit or vanity project.”

London Money’s account then added: “Stu makes a good point which we’ve not felt the need to mention before. It costs us £400 to produce each show. We allow competitors to come on and talk their book up.

“We do this because we ARE professionals that care GREATLY for the industry. We even have to buy the coffees after!”

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