Buy-to-Let 24 Jun 2020

Bob Young: We must stay the course

Bob Young is chief executive officer of Fleet Mortgages Many have talked about the qualities required by mortgage market stakeholders throughout this period in order to successfully ‘exit’ themselves post-pandemic in...
Buy-to-Let 24 May 2020

Jane Simpson: Riding out the turbulence

Jane Simpson is managing director of TBMC The buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage market has, unsurprisingly, experienced significant turbulence since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, meaning the profile of lenders and products...
Buy-to-Let 24 Apr 2020

Jane Simpson: Listening to landlords

Jane Simpson is managing director of TBMC As everyone in the UK is adjusting to the societal changes being imposed due to COVID-19, landlords will also be considering the financial impact...
Photo: RickDeacon / Shutterstock.com
Buy-to-Let 15 Apr 2020

Alan Cleary: Keeping up to date

Alan Cleary is group managing director of One Savings Bank In these extraordinary times, landlords, like everyone else, can be forgiven if their minds are elsewhere. However, despite everything that’s going...
Buy-to-Let 25 Jan 2020

Ying Tan: Learn from the trends of 2019

Ying Tan is founder and chief executive of Dynamo The UK housing market is a multi-faceted beast containing hundreds of micro marketplaces. Each have their own collection of conditions and challenges which...
Buy-to-Let 18 Nov 2019

Jane Simpson: Buy-to-let innovations

Jane Simpson is managing director at TBMC The buy-to-let mortgage market has come under pressure in recent years due to the multitude of tax and regulatory changes aimed at the sector. However,...
Buy-to-Let 9 Oct 2019

Jeff Knight: Learning from the changes

Jeff Knight is director of marketing of Foundation Home Loans In order to look forward, it’s also prudent to sometimes look back. Understanding how the buy-to-let sector has been reshaped and...