Technology 19 Aug 2021

Don’t just follow the well-trodden ground

Steve Carruthers is head of business development at Iress The impact that technology solutions are having on financial services firms is nothing short of breath-taking. However, every decision comes with compromises...
Technology 20 Jul 2021

The evolving nature of efficiency

Steve Carruthers is principal mortgage consultant of Iress We passed the end of Q1 and, astonishing as it may seem, are nearly through H1. These have been good months for mortgage...
Technology 17 May 2021

The technological balancing act

David Lownds is head of marketing and business development of Hanley Economic Building Society  In the midst of massive internal and external tech overhaul, it’s fair to say that our eyes...
Technology 17 Feb 2021

New lockdown, same threats

John Dobson is chief executive of SmartSearch  It all feels tediously familiar: hours of working from home, while homeschooling for many, and every day a round of video calls and remote...
Technology 17 Feb 2021

Appropriate intelligence in 2021

Steve Carruthers is principal mortgage consultant of Iress Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzz-phrase for years; a holy grail where machines alleviate us of the mundane tasks and begin to...
Technology 24 May 2020

John Dobson: Discard manual AML checks

John Dobson is chief executive of SmartSearch The advent of social distancing has highlighted the shortcomings of many outdated business processes. With lockdown restrictions in place, it simply hasn’t been feasible...
Technology 24 Apr 2020

John Dobson: AML tax should be risk-based

John Dobson is chief executive of SmartSearch Last month’s Budget was delivered in extraordinary circumstances. There’s no way of telling exactly when the coronavirus crisis will pass, or what damage it...
Technology 9 Oct 2019

Kevin Paterson: Cause versus effect

Kevin Paterson As a British Gas customer and keen technology enthusiast, I have been an enthusiastic adopter of the Hive smart home platform created by Centrica, the parent company of British...