Secure Trust Bank joins Intelligence panels

Ryan Bembridge

July 10, 2017

Secure Trust Bank’s mortgage division has been added to the panels of network Mortgage Intelligence and mortgage club Next Intelligence.

Members of the network or club will now gain access to Secure Trust Bank’s range of products catering for people underserved by high street lenders.

Tony Hall, head of sales and marketing at Secure Trust Bank Mortgages, said: “Mortgage Intelligence is one of the UK’s leading mortgage networks, so we’re really pleased to have been appointed to its lender panel.

“I’m also delighted that for the first time, directly authorised firms will have access to our specialist lending products via a mortgage club.”

Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence, said: “It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to further boost our lender panel by adding Secure Trust Bank.

“I believe its transparent and refreshing approach to lending will be well received by our members and their clients.”

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