Secured loan advantages

Amanda Jarvis

January 13, 2006

Advantage sees secured loans as a real alternative for brokers to consider for their clients who have overspent during the festive season. Secured loans can often be a speedy option that boasts many client benefits including no valuation or solicitor fees, deferred payment schemes and up to 125% LTV.

To encourage brokers to seriously consider secured loans, Advantage are offering enhanced procuration fee premiums of up to £200 (paid on completion) on selected heavy adverse cases when the enquiry is received on-line via the Advantage web site but take advantage now as this offer is available for a limited period only.

Mike Phelan – Head of Secured Loans comments: “We’ve had a terrific response from brokers as you would expect from the promotion. We believe more brokers are turning to secured loans to deliver the best solution to their clients, especially as products are becoming more innovative. January 2006 opens up new opportunities to market secured loans to clients and should seriously be considered as part of a broker’s service offering.”

To aid marketing campaigns, brokers can also benefit from a range of posters and leaflets to use to attract more clients to the secured loan market.

Kate Huét – Marketing Director commented: “From conducting our broker research and the findings from our service questionnaires it was clear that brokers had a huge need for marketing support and are keen to gain a competitive edge in the secured loan market. We are delighted with the response we have had from brokers looking to use these to win more clients, and we recognise that we will only grow our business through supporting brokers and helping them to build their business too.”

The materials are designed to carry the individual brokers name, address and contact details and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Interested? Contact the Advantage Marketing Team on 0151 350 1140 or marketing@afg.co.uk and they will forward sample copies of the leaflets and posters together with an order form or simply visit www.afg.co.uk.

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