Security top priority for homebuyers

Amanda Jarvis

February 10, 2006

The survey reports that over 88% of homebuyers believe good security is an essential factor in their decision to buy a property.

Surprisingly, security is rated as being more important in the buying decision than the number of rooms and the price. Homebuyers also ranked security above other key factors such as the quality of the neighbourhood and its local facilities.

At the bottom of the table, less than 15% of people viewed state of the interior décor and the provision of modern gadgets as important in the buying decision. Similarly, buyers appear unconcerned by the reputation and proximity of schools in the area.

The study also looked at the ‘extras’ that respondents would add to their property given the chance. Again the results showed that security was top of the list, with almost 60% of respondents preferring state of the art security systems and alarms over kitchen gadgets, plush designer furnishings and underfloor heating.

Commenting on the research Nick Clark, managing director of The Homebuyer Show, said: “The results of this survey confirm that safety in the home has become a major issue for the British public. The most effective step to take would be to get a state of the art security system fitted. However, ensuring your door has an approved mortice deadlock, windows are double glazed, and even adding motion sensitive lights to the outside of your house can be just as effective in deterring potential burglars. If you want to sell your home quickly, upgrading your security systems will be a major help.”

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