Select & Protect offers Summer prizes

Nia Williams

August 31, 2010

The GI provider launched its latest summer incentive on Monday 26th July and the competition will run until 24th September. Brokers taking part in the competition have been issued with Growth Log’s to track their progress and are encouraged to grow their MPPI sales from ‘Seedling level’ to ‘Full Blossom’.

The more MPPI policies a broker sells, the more prizes they will win. Prizes include Summer edition wines, Organic Summer gift boxes and Paxton & Whitfield hampers. One lucky broker will also win a day out to the theatre including Fortnum & Mason’s afternoon tea and an evening meal.

Scott Fynn, head of marketing, said: “With all the bad press in the papers about PPI last year, many brokers have steered clear of MPPI because they think it’s a complicated product that could lead to miss-selling. But MPPI cover is actually a lot simpler than Home Insurance.

“Our product has also received a 5 Star Rating from Defaqto and our online trading platform, S2, ensures a fully compliant sale. That’s why we’ve decided to expose some of the myths surrounding MPPI and give brokers a strong reason to re-look at the product and the value it can add.”

Fynn continued: “Though we’re looking forward to giving out some great summer prizes and rewarding brokers who’ve supported us for so long, we’re also excited about the long term benefits of the campaign.

“A broker only needs to sell one policy to realise how simple it is, gain back their confidence in the cover and get back on track to offering a great range of products to both their new and existing customers. After that, all they need to do is sit back and enjoy the income!”

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