Sellers return in September

Mortgage Introducer

October 8, 2015

In London listings rose by 27.1%, although the biggest percentage increases were found in Scotland – with new listings in Dundee and Aberdeen rising by 171.1% and 48.8%.

Within London Kensington & Chelsea saw the greatest increase in new listings (122.2%) followed by Camden (95.7%) and Islington (54.5%).

Alex Gosling, chief executive of HouseSimple.com, said: “If September hadn’t seen a spike in new property listings we really could have been looking at a full-blown supply crisis.

“Fortunately it seems sellers have woken from their summer slumber and September figures are far more encouraging. Almost 60% of UK towns and cities have seen stock levels rise between August and September.”

But he added: “It’s too early to breathe a huge sigh of relief that a property crisis has been averted.

“Stock reservoirs still remain dangerously low. September needs to provide the catalyst. We need to kick on from here and gather some momentum for the rest of the year. With demand so high, it’s the perfect time to sell.

“The housing market still has a long road to travel to rebalance supply and demand, but these latest listings figures show that we are finally moving in the right direction.”

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