Sesame Network adds Investec to panel

Michael Lloyd

July 16, 2019

Sesame Network has added Investec Private Bank to its panel.

Investec Private Bank specialises in mortgages for high net worth individuals, defined as those with an income of £300,000 and typical net asset value of £3m.

Members of the Sesame network will now have access to Investec Private Bank’s products.

Peter Izard (pictured), business development manager at Investec Private Bank, said: “We have worked closely with the team at Sesame to put this agreement in place and I am delighted they have grasped this opportunity to provide their members with access to Investec Private Bank.

“The number of high net worth individuals in the UK is growing, and we recognise that these clients have unique and often complex circumstances that require a specialist and bespoke approach.

“The addition of Investec Private Bank to the Sesame panel means that appointed representatives of the network now have access to an entirely new option and this opens up new opportunities for brokers, their clients, and for Sesame.”

Investec Private Bank is the first private bank Sesame has added to its panel.

Jane Benjamin, director of mortgages at Sesame and PMS, added: “Private bank lending offers something entirely different to the traditional approach of high street lenders.

“The inclusion of Investec Private Bank to our panel is a very positive addition for our brokers, many of whom have high net worth clients and will value a lender that can take a completely bespoke approach.”

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