SGS Engineering: Third of homeowners renovating in 2021

Jake Carter

September 23, 2021

build construction

More than five million British homes will have undergone a major renovation this year, at a total cost of over £78bn, according to SGS Engineering.

The research also found that the average spend on a home makeover came in at £15,461 per property in 2021, with the most popular jobs being replacing the kitchen (40%), renovating bathrooms (38%), and redesigning the living room or reception spaces (31%).

Dave Gordon, general manager at SGS Engineering, said: “The way that we live was turned on its head when the coronavirus pandemic first hit and spending more time at home triggered a desire to adapt and improve our living spaces.

“It is encouraging to see that the British public are choosing to opt for tradespeople with positive reviews and references – ‘cowboy builders’ are a scourge that all of us could do without!

“For anyone looking to undertake a home renovation project we would recommend prioritising tradespeople with reassuring credentials and looking for signs that they have an established reputation through positive reviews and references – it is always better to be safe than sorry.”

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