Share to Buy launches mortgage broker panel

Michael Lloyd

November 28, 2019

First-time buyer property portal Share to Buy has created a mortgage broker panel to help homebuyers find the best mortgage for their needs.

The panel features Metro Finance, The Mortgage People, JDCIFA and De Havilland Group Limited.

Kelly McCabe, managing director at The Mortgage People, said: “We have been working with Shared Ownership buyers since 2005, so we have seen the market expand first-hand.

“In the beginning, few lenders offered Shared Ownership products – now, buyers have so much choice that they can find a solution that fits their exact needs.

“Homeownership is definitely still an aspiration all across the UK, but the gap between average incomes and average home prices on the open market is a national issue.

“Shared Ownership fills that affordability gap, and we are confident that as awareness grows, availability across the country will increase and owning a home through Shared Ownership will become the norm.”

The Share to Buy portal includes a mortgage calculator which allows users to compare specialist Shared Ownership mortgage products, and a Mortgage Comparison tool which can help buyer’s find mortgages that meet their affordability needs.

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