Shawbrook completes buy-to-let refinance in 25 working days

Michael Lloyd

November 26, 2019

Emma Cox shawbrook bank podcast

Shawbrook Bank worked with broker partner Nurture Finance to complete a buy-to-let refinance in 25 working days for an experienced landlord.

The landlord was looking to raise funds to assist with the construction of a new investment property and to repay a director’s loan.

The specialist lender provided just under £200,000 at a loan-to-value (LTV) of 73%, with a formal offer being provided in 17 working days.

An automated valuation model (AVM) was used saving the client £340. The director’s loans were paid off earlier than expected.

Emma Cox (pictured) sales director at Shawbrook, said: “I’m delighted we could help this client to refinance their property to aid with the construction of a new property and to pay off a loan.

“With an experienced broker like Nurture Finance working side by side with the Shawbrook team, we could ensure that the case would be completed as smoothly as possible.”

Adam Atkin, chief executive of Nurture Finance, added: “Although the case appeared to meet all key criteria requirements, there were one or two points I felt needed addressing further, so opted for a paper application and supporting proposal.

“Conscious that this may slow the process down, my client and I were pleasantly surprised by the incredibly prompt response from the Shawbrook lending manger and, after providing a little more information, was in receipt of credit-backed terms in a matter of days.

“Furthermore, we were able to take advantage of an AVM (which came in higher than anticipated) and the non-represented legal route, cutting processing times dramatically.

“From start to finish the application was smooth, faultless and well received by my client – who had had very different lending experiences in the past.

“Shawbrook and Nurture Finance restored some faith in the lending process and secured a long-term relationship with a client with a growing property portfolio.”

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