Shawbrook introduces SCA for retail and business e-savings customers

Jake Carter

March 4, 2021

Shawbrook Bank has introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for retail and business e-savings customers.

This authentication will be available via its internet banking platform, powered by Sandstone Technology.

Under Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations it is mandatory for banks to apply SCA for certain online transactions; however, a number of financial organisations are yet to do this.

Alun Williams, commercial director for savings at Shawbrook Bank, said: “Over the past few years we’ve been focussed on improving the customer experience, in particular the digital journey.

“SCA was a great opportunity to not only simplify the customer journey, but also enhance security and comply with evolving best practice and meet regulatory obligations.

“We received very few customer queries on the new process, which was testament to the simplicity of the Sandstone tech, and in fact received excellent feedback on launch day and in the days and weeks that followed.

“All in all, it has been a huge success and our online customers are reaping the benefits.”

Andy Thompson, general manager for Europe at Sandstone Technology, added: “Shawbrook is a longstanding client and SCA was the perfect addition to their existing Sandstone digital portfolio.

“We encourage all financial organisations offering online banking services to activate SCA for their customers to add another layer of security to protect their accounts.”

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