SimplyBiz kicks off 2016 mortgage masterclasses

Ryan Bembridge

January 18, 2016

SimplyBiz Group will kick off its 2016 mortgage masterclass schedule from tomorrow.

The event will be held in Eastleigh, after which masterclasses will take place in Bristol on 20 January, Swansea on 21 January, Bradford on 26 January and Durham on 27 January.

SimplyBiz said it will hold over 300 exhibitions and conferences across the UK in 2016 after holding 280 and welcoming 12,500 delegates last year.

Rachel Lee, strategic relationships and events director, said: “New technological and virtual innovations play a great part in the evolution of the financial services sector, however, we believe that face-to-face interaction continues to be the mainstay of our industry; whether that interaction is between advisers and clients, advisers coming together to share best practice or seeking advice and information directly through events.

“Last year’s feedback, combined with year-on-year growth of attendance figures, demonstrate that our events programme is hugely valued by our membership and, for as long as this is the case, we will continue to develop and expand our events programme, whilst many other service companies and networks pull back from providing this type of service.

“We have also broadened the number of webinars we will have on offer this year – as an addition to our events schedule, rather than a replacement for any of our face-to-face meetings.”

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