SimplyBiz Group launches range of referral solutions for advisers

Michael Lloyd

January 31, 2018

The SimplyBiz Group has launched SimplyRefer, a range of third party referral solutions for advisers. 

Some elements of SimplyRefer, which were launched early as standalone propositions, have already proven successful.

The Group’s defined benefit pension transfer service has received over 2000 cases in 18 months, whilst APS Legal & Associates’ estate planning and will writing solution has over 700 users.

Richard Ardron, marketing director of The SimplyBiz Group, said: “We understand that there will always be certain product areas that advisers either cannot, or choose not to advise upon.

“This could be due to not holding the relevant permissions or qualifications, not having the right resources available, or simply a preference not to be involved in a particular business area.”

Ardron added: “With more and more advisers choosing to provide a fully holistic service, we know it can be difficult when an adviser cannot provide a specific service which they believe would be the best course of action for their client.

“Referring a client to one of our specialist SimplyRefer partners could be the answer to this issue. In each case, a specialist will provide a high quality service for the client, and the adviser will maintain a strong ongoing relationship.”

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