SimplyBiz launches mental well-being module

Michael Lloyd

October 10, 2019

SimplyBiz has launched a mental well-being module through its employee benefits platform, Zest Benefits. 

The module will offer support on a range of well-being issues including stress, anxiety and depression.

Matt Timmins, joint chief executive of The SimplyBiz Group, said: “As a society, we need to talk much more openly about mental health and it is still a challenge for some businesses – particularly SMEs – to bring this conversation to the workplace.

“I’m delighted that the Group, through Zest, has been able to develop the first tool of its kind for the market, and am optimistic that it will be widely adopted by the employers who use the platform.

“In 2018, an estimated 15.4 million working days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression in the UK; improving awareness of mental wellbeing, encouraging conversations around this too-often taboo area and providing practical advice from experts on how to assess and manage mental health in the workplace can only be beneficial.

“Zest, which was recently named as the winner of the Best Use of Technology for Benefits category at the Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards, is already leading the field in providing employees with instant access to information about their financial wellbeing, and we will be proud to offer a more holistic platform which supports employees in wider areas of their lives.”

The tool will also feature practical guidance on factors which may affect mental well-being, such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindfulness.

It was built by the group in collaboration with a number of leading mental health specialists and clinicians.

It will be available as an optional, complimentary add-on to the 450+ employer firms that currently use Zest, and the more than 300,000 employees who have access to the system through those employers.

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