SimplyBiz Mortgages launches conveyancing partner portal

Michael Lloyd

February 1, 2019

SimplyBiz Mortgages has relaunched its conveyancing partner portal with two new partners; Blacks Connect and When You Move.

The service offers members a choice between a traditional direct conveyancing proposition and a range of conveyancers accessed through the platform. Both offer case tracking, on-line solutions and remortgage packages to help clients.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of SimplyBiz Mortgages, said: “The conveyancing market is beginning to change and there have been many issues around free legal services.

“We have therefore taken our time to ensure that the firms chosen are able to offer the service, and provide the systems, that our members need. We always believe that providing choice is imperative, and our chosen partners offer our members a range of solutions that will fit their style of working.”

Julie Makin, operations manager at Blacks Connect, added: “We are delighted to be part of the proposition, and looking forward to working with SimplyBiz Mortgages and its team.

“Blacks Connect prides itself on being a market leader in the conveyancing market and commits to providing brokers and clients with an exceptional level of personal service.

“Our technology, together with our people, ensure that all parties will benefit from an efficient and customer focus driven proposition.”

Daniel Rogers, chief revenue officer for When You Move, said: “Technology is continually evolving in the intermediary world and a platform that makes the conveyancing process faster, easier and more efficient for everyone is extremely advantageous.

“When You Move does just that, connecting the dots to provide exemplary customer service. Both the platform and app will benefit SimplyBiz Mortgages members greatly, safe in the knowledge that they can access trusted conveyancers, effortlessly manage progress and receive live updates to further enhance the service they already provide their customers.

“When You Move provides automated payments on referral fees, business forecasting tools and a real-time capacity indicator to aid workflow.

“As a mortgage club of choice for lenders, provider partners and brokers, we are looking forward to working closely with SimplyBiz Mortgages.

“Our sole aim is to use technology to advance the conveyancing industry, and we hope to enable a conveyancing service that reflects SimplyBiz Mortgages’ outstanding reputation.”

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