SimplyBiz Mortgages unveils partnership with Eligible

Jessica Nangle

October 12, 2020

SimplyBiz Mortgages has agreed a new partnership with Eligible to give its members three months free access to its personalised client engagement platform.

Members of the mortgage club will have until the end of October to claim this exclusive discount for free usage of Retain, Eligible’s client retention and communication tool.

This partnership supports SimplyBiz Mortgages’ commitment to supporting advisers with access to the best technology available to enable them to grow their businesses, despite the pandemic.

Retain supports advisers by automatically educating and keeping in touch with clients throughout their mortgage journey.

The system learns about client needs, sending them firm-branded communications relevant to their current situation, notifying advisers when they are ready to talk about their options.

It also enables advisers to have a real-time view of their entire client base, understanding what clients care about, so they can provide advice and support on next steps.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of SimplyBiz Mortgages, said: “Over the past few months, we’ve seen the importance of advisers and brokers utilising the right technology in their businesses increase significantly.

“In addition, finding a time efficient and effective way to maintain relationships with clients has become absolutely vital to the ongoing success of a broker firm, with face-to-face contact so difficult, if not impossible, since the onset of the pandemic. 

Using a system like Retain helps advisers and brokers keep in touch with their clients, maintain the output of relevant information and support two-way communication and makes it easier to show just how valued long-term clients are.

“I’m delighted to be able to offer members of SimplyBiz Mortgages three months free of charge, for what I’m sure will be a hugely helpful tool for many of them.”

Rameez Zafar, chief executive of Eligible, added: “We’re pleased to partner with SimplyBiz Mortgages, who are committed to ensuring their members have access to the best tools out there to future proof their businesses.

“Our client retention solution gives advisers time back, allowing them to focus on submitting more business.

“We will help members procure a more diverse source of income – especially important in tough times and to protect against any slowdown in the purchase market.

“As one of the UK’s forward-thinking mortgage clubs, SimplyBiz Mortgages recognises the need to embrace technology like Eligible, to help its members to communicate, support, provide advice and grow their businesses.” 

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