SimplyBiz teams up with Enterprise and The Loans Engine

Robyn Hall

April 15, 2013

The network will provide the partners with training, sales ideas and marketing support.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive at SimplyBiz, said: “Secured loans are becoming more and more important as part of the members’ kit bag.

“With rates reducing and clients not wishing to remortgage for fear of losing current mortgage rates, secured loans are a way of helping.”

Reyolds said the addition of Enterprise and The Loans Engine will enable its members to have access to two of the main market specialists.

He added: “We are sure we will see these relationships develop further during the course of the year.”

Harry Landy, sales director at Enterprise Finance, said: “We are delighted to be working with SimplyBiz Mortgages and we will be doing everything we can to ensure the Members and their clients get the best service, products and rates.”

And Richard Keen, head of intermediary development at The Loans Engine, added: “The partnership with SimplyBiz Mortgages complements our work ethic. We are extremely compliance focussed which makes us one of the most respected and trusted independent secured loan brokers. We look forward to working with their Members.”

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