Skipton adds 3-year fixes to refreshed residential mortgage range

Michael Lloyd

December 12, 2017


Skipton Building Society is adding a range of 3-year fixed rate purchase and remortgage products to its residential core range tomorrow.

New fee free 3-year fixes for purchase and remortgage will be offered at 1.94% to 75% LTV, 2.19% to 85% LTV and 2.54% to 90% LTV.

It will also reduce rates on products by up to 0.34%.

Kris Brewster, Skipton’s head of products, said: “This refreshed core range offers products across a wide range of short-term and longer-term fixed residential mortgages, both for new buyers and those wishing to remortgage.

“We continue to offer fee and rate options to suit a number of different borrower requirements.”

For remortgages only, there is also a new 2-year fix at 2.24% to 80% LTV, and 5-year fixes at 2.14% to 60% LTV and 2.38% to 80% LTV, all with £350 cashback.

For purchasers, the refreshed range of residential products includes a 2-year fix at 2.16% to 90% LTV and a 5-year fix at 2.74% to 90% LTV, both with a £995 fee.

For those wishing to remortgage, products include a 2-year fix at 2.59% to 90% LTV and a 5-year fix at 2.95% to 90% LTV, both without a fee.

All purchase and remortgage products offer free valuations, while some remortgage products also include free standard legals or £350 cashback.

These new products are available through the society’s Skipton direct customer service centre, branches and all intermediaries.

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