Skipton International writes 500 buy-to-let deals for British expats

Mortgage Introducer

August 31, 2016

Skipton International is this month celebrating the completion of 500 buy-to-let mortgages for British expats.

The Channel island-registered bank launched expat mortgages in 2014 as a response to the difficulties British expat customers faced obtaining a mortgage on UK investment properties.

Jim Coupe, managing director, Skipton International, said: “Demand for expat mortgages has been growing since we launched them two years ago.

“Despite having good credit ratings and good salaries or incomes in their country of residence, many British expats struggled to get a mortgage on UK buy-to-let investments because there were so few decent products available.

“We aim to make the process of getting a buy-to-let mortgage as straightforward as possible, and put good customer service at the centre of our offering. We are able to give a decision in principal on the phone, while our streamlined process means expat remortgages may complete in as little as 16 working days.

“In addition, we offer an online mortgage calculator which allows British expats to see if they could fulfil the criteria for an offshore mortgage with us, saving everyone time.”

Earlier this year Skipton opened up their mortgages to self-employed applicants and expanding their eligible country list, enabling British expats living in even more countries access to the mortgages.

Skipton International also offers a range of savings accounts for UK expats in over 100 countries.

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