Skipton launches 3-year fixed range

Ryan Bembridge

October 25, 2017


Skipton Building Society has launched a selection of 3-year fixes for purchase and remortgage at a range of loan-to-values.

Products stand at 1.30% to 60% LTV, 1.39% to 75% LTV, 1.74% to 85% LTV and 2.26% to 90% LTV, all with a completion fee of £995.

With no fee and £500 cashback 3-year fixes stand at 1.91% to 60% LTV, 1.99% to 75% LTV, 2.19% to 85% LTV and 2.64% to 90% LTV.

Kris Brewster, Skipton’s head of products, said: “For many borrowers, getting the best mortgage deal available for your specific needs has never been more important in the current mortgage market.

“We’re seeing a trend of more people wanting to look at longer term fixes but the gap between the two and five year deals can be just a little bit too much for some.

“Offering a 3-year deal bridges this a little, and gives people that extra choice and ability to lock in the current low interest rates for a little longer.”

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