Skipton speeds up application process 

Michael Lloyd

September 9, 2019

protection policies

Skipton has launched a quicker application process for life and critical illness products.

Skipton’s new insurance products are provided by AIG Life.

The application process takes seven minutes with most customers being asked just 11 questions.

Customers can begin the application process over the phone and then complete it online.

Maitham Mohsin, head of savings and partnerships at Skipton, said: “Life and critical illness insurance is a form of comfort that we should all have but hope to never need.

“We have tried to make this as easy and effortless as possible for our customers.

“Latest statistics show that one in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some stage in our lives.

“It may be something that no-one likes to think about, but life insurance provides peace of mind that your family can manage if you were no longer there to provide financially for them.

“In AIG we have selected a partner that demonstrates a real human approach and empathy towards customers.

“Our customers can also be reassured that should the worst happen and they need to claim, AIG paid out on 99% of their life insurance claims and 94% of their critical illness claims in 2018.”

The majority of customers will be able to purchase the insurance immediately without the need for medical evidence.

Nicola Dryden, partnerships director at AIG Life, added: “It’s a truly selfless act when customers buy life insurance because the people who ultimately benefit are the loved ones they leave behind.

“Skipton Building Society’s philosophy is to always do right by its customers and members long-term.

“Customers who buy this simple, easy to understand insurance can gain comfort that with AIG and Skipton working together, we will be there to help their families when they need it most.”

The service will be available in Skipton’s UK branch network from 11 September.

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