Skipton unveils 2-year discount range

Sarah Davidson

January 6, 2015

Other rates are 1.75% to 60% LTV, 1.89% to 75% LTV, 2.14% to 80% LTV, 2.55% to 85% LTV and 3.25% to 90% LTV.

Products are available for both purchase and remortgage, while standard legals are included for remortgages.

Kris Brewster, the society’s head of products, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of these new products which offer two year discounts on our MVR from the date of completion.

“We believe they offer attractive rates of interest to homebuyers whatever size of deposit they may have.

“We continue to strive to offer our customers best value products and we’re constantly monitoring the marketplace and introducing new products to ensure they remain attractive.”

In terms of criteria overpayments of up to 10% per annum are allowed without penalty while free standard valuations are included for purchase and remortgages.

The new rates are available direct and via intermediaries.

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