Smart Money expands proposition

Jessica Nangle

February 8, 2021

Smart Money has returned to the market with a new proposition for introducers.

Best known for its second charge expertise and assistance for adviser firms, Smart Money has increased its focus in two areas.

Along with its second charge offering, the company has expanded its bridging proposition and after a testing period towards the end of 2020, has relaunched its buy-to-let service.

Paul Crewe, managing director at Smart Money, said: “Smart Money can now provide a broader service to brokers, who want assistance in these key areas.

“We have the expertise and the lender contacts but most importantly we have the expertise in house, to assist where explanation and more detailed information is required.

“Don’t forget our referral service for second charge means that when you have recommended a second charge solution to a capital raising client, we can take over the process and support your customer by providing full compliant advice, seeing the case from application to completion, while keeping you fully informed, and then paying you a market leading procuration fee.

“Alternatively, if you prefer to give the advice you will receive the same procuration fee and support.

“Smart Money is looking forward to helping advisers across new channels of business.”

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