SmartSearch unveils anti-money laundering service adapted to remote working

Jessica Nangle

April 1, 2020

SmartSearch has launched an automated anti-money laundering platform to help businesses remain compliant with money-laundering laws whilst working remotely. 

Money laundering costs the UK more than £100bn pounds a year.

John Dobson, chief executive at SmartSearch, urges businesses to take note of businesses in the property, legal and financial services sectors that are required to run identification and verification checks on customers who still use physical documents to do so.

Electronic systems will help businesses such as these according to SmartSearch as it is the “most reliable, secure and efficient way of conducting identification checks, enhanced due diligence and ongoing monitoring”.

Dobson added: “It is really hard to see so many businesses unable to continue remotely, however, sectors such as property, legal and financial services shouldn’t suffer due to their AML checks.

“Unfortunately, we do not know how long this current situation will continue to impact our lives, but we hope by explaining the benefits of electronic verification, businesses will be confident they can continue to remain compliant with money laundering regulations.

“Here at SmartSearch, I am happy to announce that we’re able to offer specific cover to businesses that are being impacted, enabling them to protect their business and continue to work remotely throughout this crisis.”

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