Smartr365 adds smart device integrations to broker retention tool

Robyn Hall

April 28, 2021

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Smartr365 has added voice assistant and smart device integrations to its retention tool SmartrRetain.

Clients using Smartr365’s HomeBuyer app can now ask their smart device questions such as “how much is my house worth?” to stay in the know and begin a remortgage discussion. They can also stay up to speed with the progress of their application and other developments, with these questions also supported.

Conor Murphy, CEO at Smartr365, said: “In today’s market, client retention is just as important as bringing in new business, and we wanted to create a suite of features which would make this as easy as possible for our users.

“SmartrRetain is a tool which not only covers every aspect of client retention, but it also automates and streamlines much of the process to make it a simple step instead of a laborious task.

“User and customer experience are a crucial part of this endeavour, and our integration of Amazon’s Alexa is an innovative way to remove even more barriers to the mortgage process.”

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