SmartSearch now integrated with more than 100 CRMs

Mortgage Introducer

March 19, 2019

prevent fraud

Anti-money laundering (AML) platform SmartSearch has directly integrated into more than 100 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

SmartSearch has more than 3,500 customers that use the system as a standalone AML solution, but increasingly customers are now looking to perform a SmartSearch via their existing CRMs.

Fraser Mitchell, technical director of SmartSearch, said: “With the fifth money laundering directive stipulating for electronic AML checks, more and more regulated businesses are looking to start using electronic AML platforms, so I expect to see demand for SmartSearch – and particularly the integrated version – to increase significantly as a result.”

Generally, the platform’s customers will have their own CRM where they store their client information.

To do a SmartSearch on a client, they log onto the SmartSearch platform, key in the client information, download the AML Certificate and upload that back onto their own system.

But by integrating , they only need to key the information into their own system. From there they are able to automatically run a SmartSearch and attach the AML Certificate to the client record.

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