SMEs report skills shortage

Ryan Fowler

April 8, 2014

Finance chiefs have been reporting that British companies will splash the cash, yet while some SMEs can afford to hire, others still have a shortage of trained young people.

Will Davies, managing director of aspect.co.uk and renowned apprenticeship campaigner, who recently attended a House of Commons Parliamentary Inquiry into unemployment in the construction sector, said the crisis is far from over.

He added: “There is no doubt that confidence is returning and SMEs are on the brink of a period of rapid and significant growth.”

“But in terms of how we make the most of this within the trades, it is vital that more young school leavers are encouraged into the trades or we will suffer a significant skills shortage.”

Anthony Rushton, chief executive officer of Telemetry, slammed finance chiefs, saying they should clean up their act before making such claims.

He said: “If they are using “venture capital” as the benchmark then I would suggest that the “venture” went out of “capital” some time ago.

“I rarely talk to VCs as they are generally vultures and I am always underwhelmed. When I do, they act as nothing more than paranoid agents for established wealth.

“The VC deals we read about in the press that seem to include risk arise from the US and the familiarity of the parties involved makes the investments akin to corporate nepotism.

“I wish VCs in the UK would return to being bank cashiers and drop the facade. Talentless, ultra reserved losers.”

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