Smethurst takes up the Cleary challenge

Mortgage Introducer

June 19, 2015

Smethurst will leave the TFC HQ in Warrington at 6am next Thursday and arrive at Cleary’s poker night near Solihull eight hours later.

And in the morning Smethurst will don lycra again for the return trip from the West Midlands to the North West.

Smethurst said: “I may be no spring chicken but I am more than happy to embrace my inner MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra) for a what is brilliant cause, to get some much-needed exercise and, of course, to prove Mr Cleary wrong. He is more than welcome to join me next year!”

Cleary said: “I liken Wayne Smethurst to Madonna. Like the Queen of Pop he has completely reinvented himself into a super fit, teetotal athlete so I couldn’t resist sponsoring him to cycle to and from our charity poker night.”

TFC tweet Smethurst’s progress next Thursday and Friday from @TFCHomeloans using the hashtag #mortgageMAMIL.

Roger Morris, director of sales at Precise Mortgages, added: “How the tide has turned from a man who would never do any exercise and just drink to actually doing this.”

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