SMS offers specialist help on bridging

Nia Williams

February 15, 2010

Ian Balfour, CEO of SMS, talking about the new service said: “We are now able to offer intermediaries information and detail on the phone or through the website about where bridging finance can be of most value. Many brokers have been put off arranging longer term finance for clients who need funds very quickly. In this market, lenders are understandably cautious and their speed of service has suffered. Bridging finance properly handled, can provide the means to a swift resolution while the long term funding is put in place at its own pace. Thanks to the input of our bridging partners, such as Tiuta, we are now able to offer clear and unambiguous assistance for brokers to be able to make proper recommendations that mean that clients can now have finance in place to meet the timeframe of the property transaction.”

Guy Garrard, head of business development at Tiuta, commented, “At Tiuta we value our specialist partners and firms such as SMS can add real value to the intermediary through their knowledge and ease of access to products and services. Working closely with SMS allows us to assess enquiries that have already been vetted for viability and therefore we are able to see more business through to a speedy conclusion. This initiative is commendable and I’m sure brokers will find great value in this resource.”

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