Solar power increases in popularity

Jessica Nangle

November 24, 2016

A quarter of all UK homes will have solar panels in the next few years according to research carried out for OVO Energy.

Currently only 6% of homes in the UK are fitted with solar panels, however almost 20% of homeowners are planning to install them in the near future, the study said.

The majority of UK homes are not powered by solar energy for a variety of reasons.

Some people simply haven’t thought about it (13%) while others are planning to move, meaning it makes no financial sense (16%).

However the largest deterrent for homeowners is the initial cost of solar panels, with 32% citing this as the main reason for not making the energy switch.

Northern Ireland have the most homes being powered by solar panels, in contrast to Wales which has the lowest at 3%.

The results from this study emphasises solar energy’s rise in popularity in recent years thanks to factors such as energy efficiency, financial benefits and environmental concerns.

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