Solent launches Porthole

Amanda Jarvis

February 15, 2006

Solent Mortgage Services (SMS) believes that its investment in internet technology will give brokers a business advantage in 2006.

SMS which has eleven branded lending partnerships and originated over £800 million worth of mortgages in 2005 has invested heavily in providing brokers with state of the art facilities with which to transact business with SMS and its branded partners. The company’s website already allows access to all SMS’s lenders for the generation of KFIs and product information. However, SMS’s new extranet – The SMS Porthole – will offer on line AIPs and applications from both Mortgage Trading Exchange (MTE) and Trigold’s Electronic Trading Centre ( ETC) and is seen by SMS as the way in which brokers will want to do business in 2006.

Explaining the advantages of electronic trading through the new extranet, Ian Balfour, sales & marketing director for SMS commented,” The SMS Porthole is a state of the art facility that lets brokers communicate with SMS and its lenders on a real time basis 24/7. From obtaining AIPs to submitting applications on line and then tracking the application on line in real time, brokers will be able to do all their business on line. The Porthole allows brokers to see their AIP cascade through the SMS product offering to find the most appropriate choices for their client and will allow them to see any offer conditions. The savings in terms of speed of the process as well as the convenience of dealing through the Porthole are matched by the unparalleled facility for it to be a recording facility of all the business transactions that take place between the broker and SMS. This will prove invaluable for brokers as an additional audit trail in relation to current compliance requirements.”

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