Solent receives first Kensington application

Ramesh Sharma

March 18, 2006

Kensington Mortgages has been working with a small number of packagers to allow intermediaries who use its website to have the choice of sending an application to selected packager partners or have Kensington Mortgages deal with it directly. Solent’s own investment in electronic trading, Porthole, has enabled a seamless transfer to take place.

Kelvin Cooper, managing director at Solent, said: “We have been working towards a fully online processing system and Porthole has already achieved so much in terms of allowing our brokers access to key facts illustrations, online agreements-in-principle, electronic applications and 24/7 case-tracking through to completion. To be able to partner a lender like Kensington Mortgages and for the first deal to come to us is a testament to the hard work on both sides. Porthole, and Kensington Online are a perfect fit to increase business for both companies.”

Keith Street, director of sales at Kensington Mortgages, added: “Our ecommerce platform, combined with Kensington Mortgage’s ‘human touch’, is key to the future servicing of packagers and intermediaries alike. We’re very excited to have enabled one of our packaging partners to receive the first electronic application from an intermediary via Kensington Online.”

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