Solicitor jailed for £1.3m mortgage fraud

Robyn Hall

September 25, 2012

Elena Quinlivan, 35, from Stratford had planned to build a property empire.

But the crooked mother of two used forged payslips, bank statements and false ID to build her rental empire.

Southwark Crown Court Judge Nicholas Lorraine-Smith told Quinlivan: “You obtained mortgages to the tune of over one point three million and the mortgages were for houses you intended to let out for profit.

“The housing market was promising and your head was turned by the fraudulent success of an associate, with his expensive home and car.

“You are an intelligent solicitor, who also once worked for an estate agents, and cannot be called naive.”

Quinlivan pleaded guilty to seven counts of conspiring with others to obtain money transfers in sums of £166,000; £198,249; £171,000; £142,000; £228,000; £204,000 and £223,250 on various dates between January 1 2003 and March 27 2005.

Prosecutor Mr Stuart Biggs told the court Quinlivan’s financial adviser offered a “one-stop fraudulent shop,” providing the defendant with forged passports, driving licences and utility bills, along with bogus references and national insurance numbers in various identities.

Quinlivan used her maiden name and the names of family and friends to obtain the mortgages, once successfully passing herself off as a £48,000 a year executive and her husband as a £78,000 a year IT consultant.

Judge Lorraine-Smith said: “These were multiple frauds over a long period of time and were professionally planned. These offences deserve a long prison sentence.”

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