SortRefer highlights BTL conveyancing service

Nia Williams

April 8, 2015

With the relaxation in the rules on lump sum withdrawal from pensions from April, many expect clients to invest their money in buy-to-let property.

SortRefer believes that the intermediaries who will benefit most from this will be the ones who have made sure that, apart from the finance, they have the right conveyancing service. This will play a crucial part in ensuring that their clients complete the property deals they want.

Kevin Tunnicliffe, managing director of SortRefer, said, “We are anticipating that there will be a lot of activity in the BTL market as a result of people being able to access their pension pots after April 7th.

“We have created a special BTL page on our website which provides brokers with all the information they need including details of our buy-to-let purchase and also fixed price BTL remortgage services.”

SortRefer’s conveyancing service operates through its online portal to a specially selected panel of conveyancers, which is subject to agreed service standards.

Tunnicliffe added,” There could be quite a feeding frenzy with new investors looking to the property market as a means of maximising their investments. Having the right conveyancing service will be crucial for getting deals over the line when there will be a great deal more competition for available property and the clients with the most efficient conveyancing facility will win.”

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