SortRefer launch fixed price remortgage product

Jessica Nangle

November 1, 2019

SortRefer have launched a fixed price remortgage conveyancing product.

The product is £349 which encompasses all fees required for a straight-forward freehold remortgage in England and Wales.

The offering is available on the SortRefer portal, with intermediary customers needing to be registered to quote and instruct the product.

SortRefer created the product to include a telegraphic transfer fee following customer feedback, to assist the lenders that require this method of payment for the redemption of the existing mortgage.

Kevin Tunnicliffe (pictured), chief executive of Sort Group, said: “We always strive to base our product offering on the need in the market place and take feedback very seriously.

“To create this product was a no-brainer.

“It complements our already successful fixed price product range and allows our brokers and their customers a fully transparent product, all fees included.”

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