SortRefer names winner of review campaign

Sarah Davidson

December 18, 2014

Colin Baxter from Mortgages in Lincoln scooped the prize of a MacBook Air.

Kevin Tunnicliffe, SoftRefer managing director, said: “It is important that brokers trying to find the best conveyancing service, can see honest and transparent feedback from users who have actually been active on the system, to help them assess whether to try the SortRefer service.

“We have found that the vast majority stick with us after that first try.

“It also means that we also are able to respond when, in the rare cases where a broker has not been happy, and ensure that the problem is resolved.”

Baxter added: “Nice though it is to have an early Christmas present like this, providing feedback on cases is a great way of helping other brokers assess the value of the offerings and keep businesses on their toes.

“SortRefer has always been positively responsive to feedback and their service is first class.”

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