SortRefer relaunches website

Michael Lloyd

September 17, 2018

Online conveyancing broker portal SortRefer has relaunched its website, optimising it for any device, mobile desktop or tablet and enabling the fast launch of updates and new services.

It also has quicker registration process for staff members of firms without having to wait for the principal’s confirmation. The new look website simplifies and speeds up the process for advisers seeking the best conveyancing experience for their client’s house purchase or remortgage needs.

Emma Brown, head of marketing at SortRefer, said: “Of course, we wanted to create a brighter more approachable experience for new users, but without tinkering too much with the navigation with which our existing users are familiar.

“The result is a cleaner interface which makes it easier to use and reach the services which advisers are most interested in.

“However, the principal architecture changes are behind the scenes, where we have worked to futureproof our software, so that updates can be more quickly developed and future enhancements to the services we offer can be launched more quickly.

“When you take into account the data security tools that we have put in place via our attainment of the ‘Cyber Essentials’ classification and ISO 27001, our new website and our processes ensure that advisers and their customer’s data is as safe as we can make it.”

Frank Howell, software development manager, added: “ We had always been at the cutting edge with the level of engagement through the old site, but the new one is a real step up and keeps SortRefer at the head of the pack, for any adviser wanting the best journey for their customers.

“We are excited for the next phase of enhancements to be rolled out in the near future.”

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