The South West the happiest region to live

Michael Lloyd

July 12, 2019

The South West is the happiest region to live in Britain according to a nationwide survey by Lloyds Bank.

The survey was commissioned as part of Lloyds Bank’s ‘How Britain Lives’ series and asked Brits how happy or unhappy they are in their local communities to create an official ‘happiness barometer’.

Andy Mason, mortgages director at Lloyds Bank, said: “The happiness ranking gives us an idea of the quality of life in each region across Britain, with the South West taking the top spot this year.”

The average happiness score for the British population was 43%, with residents in the South West reporting a happiness score of 51%.

Scotland came a close second at 49%, whilst Yorkshire followed with a happiness score of 48%.

Average property prices are 7% above the national average compared to Scotland and Yorkshire where the average property prices are 37% and 35% below the national average respectively.

Those who own their homes outright reported higher levels of happiness (54%) in contrast to those with a mortgage to pay (48%) or renting (24%).

Of those renting, the least unhappy with their situation are those renting from a local authority (14%) or housing association (25%).

Those renting from private landlords also ranked under the national average at 34%.

Those who reported being the happiest said aspects such as good transport links, safety and cleanliness all contributed to their happiness levels.

Wales saw the unhappiest residents with a score of 34% closely followed by London (36%) and the West Midlands (37%).

Poor local services, high crime rates, and not knowing your neighbours were contributing factors to low happiness scores.

Mason added: “Financial security clearly plays a role in how happy we are, but that doesn’t tell the full story.

“Other factors such as convenient amenities, living close to friends and family, and a good community spirit make a big impact too.”

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