SPECIAL FEATURE: Maintaining broker relationships

Robyn Hall

January 14, 2013

“2012 was a busy and exciting year for Shawbrook’s commercial lending team. Right at the heart of our success is our network of brokers and intermediaries, whose market knowledge, experience and expertise have helped us to do business with thousands of trading businesses and property investors.

“We will always do everything we can to make brokers deals happen. We listen to their feedback to ensure what we’re offering is always right for the market. In return, we support our brokers every step of the way, from initial contact to deal completion. We have invested in larger sales teams both internally and externally, and our experienced staff are always on hand to offer support on our products, processes or criteria.

“The entire Shawbrook team recognises the hard work our brokers do, day in, day out, and we always try to understand and facilitate their requirements to make a difficult job easier.

“As part of this, Shawbrook is very proud of its team of excellent regional development managers, whose sole responsibility is to work with brokers on a day-to-day basis, offering support and guidance on all aspects of dealing with Shawbrook as well as supporting with generating introducer and client leads. The team travels the length and breadth of the country to spend time with our brokers, all to get a better understanding of their business practices and requirements so we can make things easier for them.”


Ted Hewitt-Symonds, Touchstone

“I’m beginning to get more and more active with Shawbrook Bank because unlike the other banks, they are diversifying their products which gives me more options to help existing clients, as well as approaching new clients, so we grow together.

“The deals with Shawbrook are always done as soon as is possible and there is always a clear structure to follow which helps this process. What I really value is that you can always talk to someone on the end of the phone, something which isn’t always possible with some of the larger lenders.

“My regional development manager at Shawbrook, Paula Purdy, always offers me great support and any small issues you have with dealing with a new lender, she has smoothed out, while Sadhmeet Bhogal, one of the lending officers was also excellent – very efficient and extremely helpful.

“Shawbrook has a willingness to listen and will always take a pragmatic and common sense view. The banks range of products allows me to diversity my client base.”

Alistair Ewing, blimey! loans

“The understanding and support they offer was really driven home when there was a slight snag in the deal, through no fault of anyone.

“There were issues surrounding my client receiving a buy-to-let mortgage which made the speed of Shawbrook’s lending critical. Shawbrook understood the time sensitive nature of the deal and turned it around in a few days. You can’t say fairer than that and both the client and myself were delighted with the service.”

Adam Atkin, Nurture Finance

“It’s when you get down to the people working behind Shawbrook’s business that the bank really stands out in the industry. Luke Mudd, Business Development Executive, provided a strong alliance when we put the proposal together, making sure that I had everything in place that would mean the lending decision was a success. Terry Woodley, the Head of Specialist Lending and Jenny Barham, one of the Lending Officers, were exceptionally supportive in my application all the way through to completion. I was even kept in the loop with all the legal work and copied into all relevant emails by Shawbrook’s solicitors Pure Law – this just doesn’t happen with other lenders.

“Everyone was working towards a positive solution with this deal, and from my experiences with other lenders, it could have failed had I not worked with Shawbrook. It was a very difficult case but Shawbrook won’t just take the easy options and everyone involved worked with us towards a positive outcome. Without Shawbrook, my client wouldn’t have been able to get the deal he wanted. It’s as simple as that.”

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