SPECIAL FEATURE: Santa comes to claim

Sarah Davidson

December 18, 2015

Lee Mooney, commercial director at Paymentshield, takes a look at how if Santa had a quality home insurance policy, he’d be able to have a cracking Christmas – and avoid it becoming a financial turkey.

With all the presents – and coal (you know who you are!) – he needs to deliver on Christmas Eve, as well a few extra crates of sherry and more than a few mince pies, Santa obviously has more contents in his home on the run up to Christmas than usual.

But there are certain insurance providers which offer an automatic uplift in contents cover for the month before and after Christmas; so, if calamity struck and Santa had a December break-in, his insurance cover would protect him from being left out of pocket by having to replace all the gifts before the big day.

The Grinch that stole Christmas

Speaking of theft, Santa would also be covered for any potential altercations he may encounter with the Grinch in his attempt to steal Christmas.

Malicious damage caused from icy snow balls thrown through the window would be covered by Santa’s building insurance, as well as providing financial protection against theft from his shed while he’s out delivering presents.

Freezer failure

Should all the extra festive food Mrs. Claus has in the freezer get damaged when it conveniently stops working, she should check to see if her policy covers her Christmas dinner, as not all policies will.

Thankfully, Santa’s quality contents insurance does provide cover for this – that’s a lot of frozen turkeys and ham joints for all those elves that Santa wouldn’t have to shell out again for!

Snow storms

Obviously Santa is quite handy and likes to keep the grotto well maintained but, as you can imagine, the temperature in Lapland gets pretty low.

So, if there was any damage to his home caused by frozen pipes, his buildings insurance would cover the repairs – with his policy ensuring that all work by approved tradesmen is guaranteed for 12 months.

What’s more, if he’d taken out optional home emergency cover he’d be able to call someone out in double quick time to patch up the pipe.

Defective deccies

What if the lights on his Christmas tree caused a fire that resulted in a rather grotty grotto?

Thankfully, his home insurance would cover all the fire and smoke damage to his buildings, as well as replacing his contents on a new for old basis. Clearly these lights weren’t made by elves!

If the grotto can’t be quickly repaired, Santa’s home insurance ensures that both himself and Mrs. Claus – as well as his pet reindeer Rudolph – would be given alternative accommodation until their home becomes habitable again.

Christmas Eve

There’s zero room for panic on his busiest night of the year so if – while focussed on delivering presents – Santa should lose his keys, wallet or phone.

There’s no need to worry as long as Santa has personal possessions cover for anything normally worn or carried away from the home.

He’d even be covered for the loss of money in his wallet and for misuse of his credit card, meaning he’s not out of credit when it comes to buying Mrs Claus those diamond earrings she’s been dropping hints about all year.

Plus, good insurers will even replace his locks and keys under their standard buildings policy.

Over excited elves

Once the big day arrives, the chances are Santa’s elves would want to celebrate.

However, after a bit too much Christmas punch, if one of the elves accidentally knocked over the TV right in the middle of the Queen’s speech, as long as Santa has accidental damage cover he can replace it so he doesn’t have fork out for a new one, or risk missing out on his favourite soaps.

Even if you’ve not got Santa himself on your books, it’s good to remind your clients how quality home insurance could help them out following a range of Christmas calamities, but it’s also important to remember home insurance is for life, not just for Christmas.

It’s just a shame that you can’t insure against expanding waistlines!

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