Specialist distributors get better completion results

Sam Cordon

July 15, 2013

After analysing its own data SMS’s CEO, Ian Balfour, said he believes that the 80% acceptance rate SMS achieved illustrates the value of specialist distributors to brokers.

Balfour said: “Having a great working relationship with the lenders on our panel and it gives us a unique advantage over the broker who has occasional contact with the same lenders.

“Our filtering system can save brokers a lot of time and effort and at the same time help improve the success rate of cases submitted though us.”

Roger Morris, director of sales at lender Precise Mortgages said he is certain that brokers can be better served by using the skills and experience of distributors like SMS.

Morris said: “While we allow brokers to come to us direct we always recommend that they use our key distributors as much as they can.

“Having access to the level of knowledge and experience that firms like SMS represent is such an advantage for brokers.

“Let these guys take the strain while also improving your hit rate in seeing more cases successfully completed.”

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