Speculation rises over Coles’ replacement

Robyn Hall

February 22, 2013

Eric Leenders, executive director of retail banking at the British Bankers’ Association, Peter Williams chief executive of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders’ Association and Chris Cummings ex-director general of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers, have all been tipped as strong contenders for the role.

Williams declined to comment on his interest in the position but he said that while prospective candidates were likely to come from other related trade bodies, they would not provide the only source of interest.

He said: “There may well be people who apply from well beyond the obvious list such as civil servants, ex civil servants and even former politicians. The mutual ticket will attract some interest.”

Cummings and Leenders were both unavailable for comment.

Other names suggested for the job are Fiona Hoyle from the Finance and Leasing Association, Michael Coogan, ex-director general of the Council of Mortgage Lenders; ex-CEO of Yorkshire Building Society Ian Cornish and Jackie Bennett, Head of Policy at the CML.

Bennett was praised for her industry knowledge and respected reputation among lenders and good links with government officials.

Robert Sinclair, chief executive of the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, would not speculate on specific names but said: “It is a complex area and the candidate will have to have a strong background in the savings and capital side of a the building society’s business not just a strong awareness of the mortgage market. I suspect someone with a Treasury background will take the spot.”

The Buildings Society Association declined to comment about any prospective candidate names however a spokeswoman confirmed the recruitment process was under way.

She said: “As with any other recruitment it will finish only when we have got the right person for the job and Adrian will remain at the helm until that happens.”

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